Social Media in Business – Why is 2000 Followers on Twitter So Important?

Social Media in Business – Why is 2000 Followers on Twitter So Important?



I have recently launched a Twitter video series to explain and show people everything that is possible with Twitter. I wanted to make sure that everybody had an opportunity to get a download twitter video

birds eye view of why Twitter has been such an amzing business tool. It is such a surprise that more people are not using it. I agree that when you first take a peek it is a bit odd and hard to follow. But it is vital to any business today to make the time to figure it out.

2000 is a really important number of followers to achieve. It is important for 2 reasons, one, Twitter has a rule that you can’t follow more then 2000 people until 2000 or more people are following you, and two, because if you are only following and being followed by a few people then you miss the opportunity to enjoy the tweets and resources that could be streaming through your time line. Also, it is a threshold number that means you are a serious user and that you mean business.

You will probably follow a few major thought leaders or business superstars in your niche, and if you are not following a large number of people you will become overwhelmed when you only see the same people posting and you see 10-20 posts a time from that person. That would not be possible if you were following a few thousand people. Twitter is a gold mine of valuable resources and well suited prospects. You have to stick with it and grow your numbers to personally experience this value.

A large number of Twitter users stop using Twitter after the first month because they just don’t get it. I think that is a huge misfortune because I have have personally had such amazing outcomes. I have met people that I would never of otherwise had the opportunity to meet. People who support me, encourage me, and who share great resources for key information that moves me and my business forward. Also I have connected with people and made money or attracted new clients based solely on Twitter.


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