Seiko Watches – Men’s Le Grand Sport Titanium

Seiko Watches – Men’s Le Grand Sport Titanium

If you are looking for a real lightweight, feature rich, beautiful and classy looking watch for daily wear then you should have a look at Seiko SLC033 from Seiko watches. This men’s Le grand sport titanium watch is just appropriately sized for majority of the men’s wrist. The watch has very classy sophisticated look and it’s surely not too garish   seiko watches price    or loud. It certainly is the one of the best buy watches in the market for it’s reasonable price and pretty descent features. It has all the features you would expect from your wrist watch.

This particular men’s watch from Seiko watches comes from vaunted Le Grand Sport series. The series is known for its diverse and fine selection of watches, this series manages to take a sporty style and make it with a classic look. The SLC033 foremost is a titanium watch. The benefit here is that you’re getting a lighter material but also stronger than a typical stainless steel case and bracelet. Having owned both stainless steel and titanium bands in the past I can confidently say that you will notice the titanium bands being not as heavy on the wrist as opposed to the stainless steel.

The titanium finish also gives the watch a sleeker and darker polished look. We need not talk about Seiko watches and their reputation here. The company is well known for many years and is a name that you knew you can trust without hesitation when it came to fine watches. Complimenting the titanium and polished look is the solid charcoal dial. You can see an additional feature at the three o clock position on the dial, as there is a date window for the calendar function. With a water resistance of 50 meters the Seiko SLC033 is truly a versatile watch. The watch has atomic time that means you do not need to set the time in watch except when you want to change the time zone. The watch will keep precise & accurate time on it’s own.

With both style and strength in mind, the Seiko Le Grand Sport Titanium Men’s Watch does not fail to deliver your expectations and instead succeeds rather nicely. The USP of this watch certainly is it’s price tag and the features. However, there are slight negatives about this watch. The watch has a very fine polish and is more likely to get scratches on it’s face. So you have to handle this watch with real good care in order to save it from any scratches. Also the self illuminating hands are very useful many of the times but can also takes away the superb classy look from this watch to some extent.


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