Samuel Morse, the Telegraph, and Twitter

while analyzing latest headlines approximately funding banking company jp morgan’s choice to sink $450 million dollars into twitter, a stunning notion happened to me.

my thought become this: the concept of “monetizing” man’s inherent want and preference to speak with each other is a relatively new idea. think about it for a minute – the notion that a multi-billion dollar business may be created based on humans sharing statistics, dates again less than two hundred years. a drop within the bucket whilst you recall the duration of time people have roamed the earth.

man has usually felt pressured to find new and higher approaches to speak with one another. within the early days it become drums, conch shells, and smoke signals. buy telegram members those strategies, despite the fact that confined in distance and scope, worked noticeably nicely for hundreds of years. luckily, guy’s choice for brand spanking new and higher technology brought approximately the death of those crude types of communication.

samuel morse can also have been the primary to monetize communique offerings with the invention of the telegraph within the early 19th century. by 1856, many organizations had been getting cash from the ones dots and dashes touring over wires from metropolis to metropolis.

subsequently, many of these telegraph corporations specialized in sending messages thru the written phrase (i.e. telegrams), a practice that lasted until just these days after they finally discovered that the call for for telegrams become clearly nonexistent.

at&t changed into the first billion dollar business made from communications offerings, in particular from lengthy-distance communications early on. the at&t monopoly was finally dismantled within the 1980s, but at&t nevertheless earns billions from virtually each facet of the modern-day-day communications industry.

speedy ahead to 2011 and the internet age, in which billion dollar businesses are apparently created overnight. the entire social media enterprise is a made from handiest the last few years and is based totally completely on – you guessed it – the want for us to communicate with one another.

in advance i mentioned the truth that funding bank jp morgan is looking to acquire a ten% “minority” stake in twitter – to the track of $450 million. the ones numbers could put the present day value of twitter at a whopping $4.5 billion! it is tough to consider how a long way we have come in 200 years.

i assume samuel morse would be proud. little did he recognize that his quick message provider built on dots and dashes would in the end come complete circle to emerge as brief, one hundred forty person “tweets”. to cite the old song sung via louis armstrong…”what a extraordinary global.”

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