Poly Three-Ring Binders – A Durable Option for the Rough and Tumble

Poly Three-Ring Binders – A Durable Option for the Rough and Tumble

You would think that deciding the best binder would be a pretty simple, straightforward decision.    먹튀폴리스    How can choosing something as simple as a folder with 3-rings in it be so complicated?

The fact is binders are constructed from a variety of materials. Each of these materials are suitable for a particular need. If your binder will be on the shelf in your office most of the time, a vinyl cover that’s heat sealed around some cardboard should do the job.

However, if you’re going to be using your binder on-the-go and throwing it around a lot, a vinyl three-ring binder won’t hold up too well. That’s when a poly, or plastic binders comes in handy.

These binders have the same durable metal rings as any other. Their covers though are made from a durable plastic material that’s really difficult to tear. They’re also resistant to heat and stains. Most of all, they’re made to be thrown around a lot.

How poly three-ring binders are constructed

Poly, or  basically consist of a piece of plastic that’s scored in two places and wrapped around the metal rings. Scoring essentially allows the material to be bent so it can be fused with the metal rings.

Plastic used for covers comes in variety of thickness ranging from 0.023 to 0.075 inches. You should carefully think about what you will be using the binder for in order to choose the right thickness. The thicker the poly material, the more durable it will be.


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