Personalised Anniversary Gifts for Him – The Perfect Accompaniment to Sky Sports and Beer

Personalised Anniversary Gifts for Him – The Perfect Accompaniment to Sky Sports and Beer


Okay, so he’s useless at remembering it. And it sometimes leaves you wondering why on earth you bother. But it is your personalised whisky gift set anniversary, and in among hogging the remote and leaving the toilet seat up, he’s alright really. You’ve just got to find something that tells him so. Thankfully, with so many personalised anniversary gifts for him now available, it’s an easy enough job to pull off.

If he’s a footie fan, for example, your task’s dead simple. Online, you’ll find a number of possibilities, from personalised football books to football gift experiences. The former is a particularly popular present that takes a look through his club’s history using tabloid-sized reprints from reports and articles written at the time. They typically go back to the early part of the 20th century and wind up at the end of last season. You can even personalise the book with his name and a message. As for the experience days, there are plenty of clubs who offer stadium tours and various hospitality packages, so if he’s a fan of one of the big boys, that’s another option to think about.

Mind you, that’s not to say anniversary gifts for him are all about the beautiful game. On the contrary, there are also loads of personalised goodies that he’s bound to love. A little tipple is a pretty good way to go, with both wine and spirits available. Wine-wise, you’ve got red, white and rosé, while spirits come in the form of vodka and whisky. Every bottle, regardless of which one you go for, can be personalised with his name and a brief message. And there’s even the option of putting it into a gift set with an original newspaper from a date of your choice.

Or how about something a little more out of this world? First off, there’s a gift pack that allows you to name a star after him. And second, there’s the chance to own an acre of the moon! Included in the gift pack is the lunar deed, a sight map, the lunar constitution and bill of rights, as well as the ownership transcript. Obviously it makes for a fun gift, but just imagine the lunar-based, Grand Designs-style development opportunities if we ever colonise it!



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