Make a “Let Freedom Ring” Shaker  

Make a “Let Freedom Ring” Shaker  

Memorial Day is picnics and parades for children.

I know, I know—it’s a day to remember American heroes but ask one child under the age of 10 and they’ll tell you it’s fun filled parades and picnics! That’s okay. It can still be a day to remember our heroes yet we can all enjoy the parades and picnics, too.   Cabinetry     Thing is—so many gave so much so we could have fun at parades and picnics. Children seem to have fun no matter what—maybe we should follow their lead on this!

What better way to have fun than to make a Let Freedom Ring Shaker. It’s fun and easy to make (even an adult can do it!). After it’s made you can let freedom ring!

You’ll need:

* Toilet Tissue tube ( you could use a paper towel tube—just make adjustments)

* Small bells

* Crepe paper (red,white or blue,please)

* Clear acetate ( I used school report folders)* Two 1 1/2″ wide cardboard circles

* Star stickers

* Colored tape

Fill the tube with a handful of bells ( 10-12). Then seal by taping the cardboard circles on each end securely. Cut a 6 x 20″ rectangle of crepe paper and one from the clear acetate. Wrap the crepe paper rectangle around the tube,being sure the excess is even on both ends. Tape. Then, repeat with clear acetate. Fringe each edge by cutting 8″ long cuts. Attach star stickers to each fringe edge. Then decorate with more stickers (or however you like) on the tube.


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