Jumping Exercises For Basketball – Three Excellent

Jumping Exercises For Basketball – Three Excellent   Jumping exercises for basketball can really help your vertical jumping if you do them correctly. Have you spent hours doing exercises that you thought would increase your vertical but you didn’t see much improvement? Many times exercises to jump higher only   plyometric exercises for basketball     increase endurance and not explosiveness. Remember, when you are training to improve your vertical, it’s not only strength that you need but explosiveness. Workouts to jump higher should not be about pacing yourself. They are about intensity. Plyometrics is a type of exercise that focuses on quickness and intensity, not number of reps. Muscles have to be pushed in order to grow and become stronger. Use as much weight as you can handle to do about 6-8 reps of most exercises. The faster you do each rep, the heavier the weight will seem to your muscles. If you start to slow down, stop. It’s not about exerting yourself until you fail. It’s about the intensity of the exercise. Here is the first of three jumping exercises for basketball. This is called a weighted explosion. Hold a weight in each hand, 15-40 lbs. If you don’t have weights, use something else, such as a heavy backpack or heavy rocks. Start in a squatting position with weights down by your sides. Jump quickly as high as you can while lifting the weights above your head. Land softly. Do three sets of 8. Remember, if you lose the intensity, stop. Take a rest and then start back. The second exercise for jumping higher is a Chair Rocket. Use a sturdy chair. Place one foot on the chair and place hands on your waist. Thrust yourself up using the foot that is on the chair, bringing your other knee up. Switch feet while in the air so that the other leg is now on the chair. Use that leg to repeat the movement. Completing the movement with both legs, counts as one rep. Do four sets of 6 reps.

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