8 Advices on How To Get Pregnant Fast

8 Advices on How To Get Pregnant Fast


Getting pregnant might be an easy task for some, yet difficult for others. It is all about a matter of chance when all the sequences needed to make you pregnant, goes just right. There are many factors that directly or indirectly affect حوامل your chances to conceive. It could be fun for some people, feeling that extra love when trying to conceive, though it may take long time for some who find it hard to conceive even after numerous attempts. Here are some tips on how to get pregnant fast and enjoy it to the fullest:

Advice One – Go for a preconception checkup

Making your body ready for conceiving can actually make it fast. Schedule a preconception checkup with your gynecologist or midwife. This will not only help you to know whether it is the right time to conceive but your doctor will be able to figure out if there is an underlying problem, which is keeping you away from getting pregnant easily. Your midwife or doctor will guide you to avoid certain things that may hinder with your conception. A complete knowledge about the whole process will enable you to act smartly and get your body ready for it.

Advice Two – Have a healthy diet

Yes, a healthy diet can actually increase your chances of getting pregnant fast. A balanced diet ensures proper supply of the required vitamins and micronutrients to your body. Deficiency of certain micronutrients may make your body sluggish and you may take more time to conceive. Foods containing folic acid should be included in your diet, as it increases your chances for getting pregnant fast. Regular exercise also helps in getting pregnant quickly, as it improves overall health and makes you active. It also detoxifies your body, which again aids conception. Avoid smoking and alcohol a few months earlier if you want to be at your best during this period.

Advice Three – Check your weight

If you are overweight or underweight, you are probably decreasing your chances of getting pregnant fast. So getting into shape might help you in conceiving. If you are overweight, try to lose some weight, but in a slow and steady way. Crash diets may leave your body deficient in nutrients, which may further act as a barrier in getting pregnant. Talk to a reputed dietician or your doctor for reduction of weight in a safer way that will only promote your body to become suitable for the process. Also underweight women fail to get pregnant easily so gain some flesh before trying.

Advice Four – Find out when you ovulate

Ovulation plays an important role in making you achieve your goals. Know your cycle and figure out when ovulation occurs in your body. It is probably the best time to have sex and let sperms meet the released egg. Different women have different cycles and ovulate mostly in between the whole cycle, so it might take some months for you to figure out exactly when you ovulate. Ovulation kits are also available in market to help you predict those important days. Once you know this, having sex on these days increase your chances to get pregnant.

Advice Five – Make your body sperm friendly

Sperms are fragile and making your body sperm friendly will help them in easy movement towards your released egg. Certain foods help cervical mucus to aid sperm movement. Talk to your doctor about medicines and foods you can take to get the right pH of your mucus. Also increasing your partner’s ability to produce stronger sperms will aid in fast conception. Cutting back on alcohol and tobacco with regular exercise and a balanced diet helps in making stronger sperms that survive in extreme conditions.

Advice Six – Have regular sex

Of course sex in important, but regular sex could be a good answer for how to get pregnant fast. Experts believe that having sex three times a week increases your chances to get pregnant easily. If you are able to predict your ovulation try to have sex just before, during and after you ovulate. Having sex near your ovulation date provides positive results. Although, having intercourse at other times of the months may also make you pregnant as some sperms have the ability to keep alive for a few days before fertilization. Try different positions while having sex, some positions are intrusive and helps the sperms reach deep near the mouth of your uterus. Also trying new positions during sex, make the process interesting by eliminating boredom caused due to same regular sex schedules. It is also important to stay in bed after intercourse, as it helps the sperms move deep into your uterus. Rushing to the washroom may hinder the movement of sperms upward and reduce your chances to get pregnant.

Advice Seven – Cut back on caffeine

If you are addicted to caffeine and cannot live without drinking several cups a day, you need to cut back on it. Researches show that woman who drink more than four cups of coffee have lesser chance to get pregnant easily as compared to those who drink it in moderation. So keeping a check on caffeine intake may help you achieve your goals faster.

Advice Eight – Avoid stress

Several studies reveal that stress releases certain enzyme in your body that reduces your chances of getting pregnant to a great extent. Although it natural to get stressed, if you are failing to conceive for a long period of time, but stress can actually make it harder for you. If you see signs of stress, try relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation and aromatherapy. These techniques may soothe your body making it easier for you and your body to get ready for the big work. Excessive stress may even lead to infertility, so it is better to avoid it. Try new hobbies or register yourself to the nearest yoga classes to keep yourself busy and help relieve stress.


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