Should I Use a CPA Network to Promote My Website?

Should I Use a CPA Network to Promote My Website?


If you are running a web based business, then it is possible that you have been encouraged to use the services of Cpa agency marketing to promote your business. Or perhaps you have been asked to become an affiliate for CPA.

Trying to run your business in today’s fragmented marketing environment can be a real challenge, for both the marketer and the publisher, so targeting and attracting the right audience is absolutely essential. In the current economic climate, you no doubt have a tight budget for your business, so if you are going to use CPA marketing as part of your money making strategy, it is important to fully understand the basics.

This may have raised some questions, such as:

What is a CPA network?

What are the benefits, if any, of CPA marketing?

What are the pitfalls/dangers?

What will be the cost to my business?

What return can I expect on my investment?

Affiliate marketing strategies have been around almost as long as the internet, and as the web evolves, so do the ways of using it to market a company’s products. CPA, or Cost Per Action (also known as Cost per Acquisition) has become the latest method of doing this. On a basic level, a CPA network requires a customer to visit a website and submit a form with a few personal details, such as a postcode and email address. Once this lead is created then the affiliate who provided the link is paid a commission.

E-commerce continues to thrive, opening up ways for your business to grow right alongside it. Now whilst this growth means more opportunities for advertisers and publishers, it doesn’t guarantee success, and the time and resources needed to run a CPA network can seriously affect your core business.

It could be that the best way to succeed with an affiliate program is to work with a CPA network agency, bearing in mind that they will already have strong links with advertisers and publishers, as well as the technology to drive the program forward. A CPA network acts as the ‘middle man’ for both the advertiser and the web publisher, also ensuring that the publishers get paid. They can offer a more organized internet marketing strategy, and turn a complicated process into a simple revenue engine that will generate extra money for your business.



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