Easy Teen Jobs – Mowing Lawns For Money

Easy Teen Jobs – Mowing Lawns For Money


Mowing lawns for money are a good idea for a Teen for several reasons. It will give him the sense of responsibility, it will keep him occupied for a while with something constructive and he will be making his own money.

My twelve-year-old grandson has started mowing lawns with my brother-in-law. My grandson asked him several weeks ago if he could help him and he said yes. It was pleasing to me to see him behind the lawn mower because he was learning to work to earn mow lawn money and he was learning how to do it.

Teens can mow lawns in their neighborhood because the people who live there most likely know them and will be willing to give them an opportunity to mow their lawn.

They would need adult supervision because using this type of equipment can be hazardous therefore, they should not be left alone while mowing lawns.

Before a Teen get on a lawn mower or behind one, he should be dressed in long pants, long shirt and wearing gargles to protect his eyes. If he is using a push mower, the mower should have a protective pad on the back of it to prevent rocks from flying out from under the blades.

I remember when I was a young girl; I was mowing our lawn with a push mower that did not have this protective pad behind it. A rock was thrown from beneath the mower and it hit me on my leg. The pain was so great that I started crying and the imprint where it hit my leg is still visible today. To this day, I hate push mowers with or without a pad on it.

Most Teens like the ideal of making their own money and we should not prevent them from doing it. Mowing lawns during the summer months are a great start because they are out of school for the summer, no homework, and they have a lot of time on their hand.

Safety measures are important so before they get on a mower or behind one, they should know that these equipment are not to be played with, they can be dangerous. They should remove all debris before mowing such as tree branches, bottles, cans and anything else that will get in the way of the mower that will cause injury to the person mowing or damage to the mower.


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