Custom Lanyards: Buy A Unique One or Make Your Own  

Custom Lanyards: Buy A Unique One or Make Your Own  

It wasn’t too long ago many of us didn’t even know what a lanyard was. Now, many of us have custom lanyards — some people actually collect them now!

And while lanyards come in many different styles and colors as well materials, those made of paracord are among the most popular custom lanyards around. Think lanyard and you may think traditionally: the nylon strap around your neck from which your employee   lanyards to buy     badge hangs. Sometimes these straps have a company name printed on them. Sometimes they have a popular saying.

But you can also buy unique lanyards made of one of the most popular materials around today: 550 paracord. These types of custom lanyards come not only in the neck variety, but come in shorter lengths as well. You can use these accessories to hold knives, keys, and so much more.

Custom Lanyards: Buy A Unique One or Make Your Own

If you’ve been thinking about custom lanyards, you’ll discover that there are two general approaches to getting one: buy one or make one.

If you buy one you’ll want to start your search on the internet to discover the companies that will make them for you. You’ll find that many of these custom lanyards are the traditional kind. They’re made of nylon and can print your company name, your school name or other custom message.

While the messages you can place on these accessories are almost endless, quite frankly the material from which they’re made are pretty finite. But companies also exist that will make quality custom lanyards created from parachute cord.

Some of these are made from the 550 cord only. Others include personalized dog tags on the accessories, making the entire product truly unique.

But you can also make your own custom lanyards simply through the purchasing of your own supply of 550 paracord. And don’t worry if after you have the paracord, you’re not sure how to weave yourself a lanyard. There are numerous instructions on the internet, both printed and video clips.


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